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Reporter : Dong Sun-hwa
Sun, May 29, 2022 | 05:08
[INTERVIEW] Former Wanna One member Yoon Ji-sung seeks to 'Bloom' in his own way
It may sound ironic, but K-pop star Yoon Ji-sung's upcoming EP “MIRO,” a collection of feel-good spring songs, was born out of his sorrow. Yoon, a former member of now-defunct project boy band Wanna One, was stuck in an anxiety loop when we was working on the mini-album, feeling like he had nobody who recognizes his hard work. His frustration was so deep that at one point, he...
[INTERVIEW] 'My Name': Lee Su-jeong embarks on new journey to explore herself
For the past eight years, Lee Su-jeong has lived a glamorous life as Baby Soul, the leader of popular K-pop act Lovelyz. Nonetheless, at the same time, the 29-year-old could not live as Lee Su-jeong, having no time to muse on who she is and what she likes.
[INTERVIEW] Former IZ*ONE member Kwon Eun-bi talks about 'Glitch'
Kwon Eun-bi, a former member of now-defunct project girl group IZ*ONE, immediately fell under the spell of her new song, “Glitch,” when she first heard it. Its dreamy sound was a gem, but what also mesmerized her was its lyrics, which seemed to be reflective of herself.
iKON, TXT: K-pop big shots gear up for May releases
May is just around the corner and so are new K-pop releases. A bunch of K-pop stars, including iKON, Tomorrow X Together (TXT) and ONEUS, are planning to put out some new songs that people can add to their spring playlists.
Designer Kim Young-jin adds modern twist to hanbok
The hanbok pieces, traditional Korean attire, created by Kim Young-jin of Tchai Kim is far from conventional. Kim not only uses a variety of silks to design her outfits but also draws on clothing influences from different countries ― such as France and India ― to add a modern twist.
[INTERVIEW] EPEX speaks for MZ generation with new song 'Anthem of Teen Spirit'
The MZ generation - a term referring to Millennials (those born between 1981 and 1995) and Generation Z (born between 1996 and 2005) - is the target audience of most K-pop acts these days, and this fact is no exception for boy band EPEX. Surviving in the star-studded K-pop industry is like fighting an uphill battle, but EPEX, which burst onto the music scene last year, believ...
[INTERVIEW] How chef Akira Back brought life to 'BTS menu' in Las Vegas
K-pop juggernaut BTS is having a hectic time staging a series of sold-out concerts in Las Vegas, but chef Akira Back is just as busy as the seven superstars at the moment.
Over 2.8 million people expected to attend K-pop concerts abroad in 2022
Some 2.85 million people are projected to attend K-pop concerts in other countries in 2022, as the world seeks to transition from a pandemic to an endemic, according to Hyundai Motor Securities.
[INTERVIEW] A&R consultant enriches NCT DREAM, TXT's albums through foreign songwriters
K-pop bigwigs like NCT DREAM, Tomorrow X Together (TXT), Red Velvet and SEVENTEEN have one thing in common: all of them received a helping hand from Marion Van der wees, a London-based artists and repertoire (A&R) consultant, to place quality songs in their albums, which were composed by some of the world's most acclaimed songwriters.
BTS lights up Las Vegas, plays concert for 50,000 fans
LAS VEGAS - Just before staging a concert at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Saturday (local time), RM of K-pop titan BTS told reporters that the group would perform with an overwhelming burst of energy to fit the vibe of Las Vegas, a city often dubbed the “Entertainment Capital of the World.”
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